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Thermomix Modes

Swipe left on the main screen and open up a whole world of pre-set functions that will make your life in the kitchen so easy, :


Scales   accurate to 1 gram. They are integrated for ease of use.

Chop, grind   no need to guess, choose your ingredient and hit a button

Sauce/Thicken    making all those difficult sauces is difficult no more

Sous-vide   try steak or rack of lamb, it is a treat

Rice cooker   cook rice by the absorption method

Dough   knead all doughs without lifting a finger

Slow cook   what it says on the tin

Fermentation    basically a yoghurt option

Pre-clean/Self-wash   amazing for light washes, alternatively use a dishwasher when it needs a good scrub

Peeler   this is the only extra attachment, great for peeling in a hurry.

Egg boiler   I love this mode, choose how you like them and go.

Kettle   quieter than your kettle and saving on power.

Warm-Up   reheat to a precise temperature.


Activates the integrated weighing scales at any time while you are cooking.  Resets to zero when your press TARE, accurate to 1g.

Rice cooker

Works just like a rice cooker, only better as it will also cook other grains - quinoa, millet brown rice.  And not just long-grain rice - it cooks short grain Japanese rice perfectly.​


Stirs a sauce while gently increasing the temperature.  Then as it detects the sauce thickening it increases the stir-speed.   Deals perfectly with egg-based sauces or those thickened with flour. If you have ever feared making Hollandaise or Bechamel, you need fear no more. It is 100% foolproof. This is one of the the Thermomixes greatest features. You do not have to lift a finger, put the ingredients in the bowl and walk away.


The art of cooking food at a surprisingly low but very precise temperature, you will never over cook a steak again. You want medium rare  - you get medium rare.  Perfect for meat, but you can cook almost anything sous-vide. My favouites are Steak and Rack of Lamb. To see the video click here

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