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I suggest Rib Eye Steak, it is tender, nicely marbled and fits well into the Thermomix. A sirloin would be delicious but it may not fit quite so well.


The steaks need to be vacuum packed with a little oil, salt and pepper. If you don't own a vacuum packer you can ask your butcher if he can do this for you. Most good butchers shops will do so.

I like having one v thick steak between 2, rather than 2 thinner ones(less plastic and easier to fit into the basket), entirely up to you though.

Some say that salt should not be added as it will draw out the juices but I don't agree.  I always add salt and obviously the steaks taste all the better for it.


Roughly measure your steaks thickness. You must allow a minimum of 1 hour per inch.

You cannot overcook them, but you do need sufficient time for the heat to penetrate the steak evenly. So you leave the steak cooking until you are ready to eat, it makes no difference whether that is an hour and a half or 4 hours. Even 10 hours, though you will get a change in consistency after such a long time, but still there is no change in colour.




Put your vacuum packed steak in the simmering basket (or place the blade cover on the blades if you have one),  and fill up the jug with cold water so that the bag is completely covered and the the meat is submerged. For safety sake you should not go over the max mark.


Swipe left on the home screen for Sous Vide function, bypass their notes by clicking on the x. Choose the appropriate time and temperature . 

TIME - you need 1 hour minimum per inch thickness, TEMPERATURE choose 55° for a perfect pink steak or increase to 60° if you like it more like medium rare.

START select the third dial and twist the selector knob to start.




When you are ready to eat simply open your bag, and pan fry the steak in a searingly hot pan. Just to colour it. There is no need to rest it before carving.

You will notice how little juice runs out because the meat fibres have not tightened up.

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