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Sous-Vide (pronounced sue-veed) is the art of cooking food at a surprisingly low but 

very precise temperature.  


This picture shows why. The fibres of a piece of meat tighten dramatically as they get

hotter, squeezing the juices out..  But if you keep the temperature low the

juices stay in the meat, leaving it pink and perfectly tender.


It's impossible to overcook meat when cooking Sous-Vide.   You select the correct

temperature (some examples below) and a minimum time, and then it doesn't matter

how long you leave it.

How do you perform such magic?  First you vacuum pack the food (a butcher will

 normally do it for you) then cook it in a water bath.  And this is where the Thermomix

comes in -it can hold the water at a very precise temperature for as long as you

need it to.


More or less anything can be cooked Sous-Vide, but you'll mostly want to do it with meat.  For steak it is perfect, or

anything you like to eat pink, such as lamb.

As showing is always better than telling, I have made a short video of the Tmo cooking a perfect piece of meat Sous-Vide)

Cooking Steak Sous Vide

Temperature Guide


Rare                 50°C

Medium rare   55°C

Medium           58°C

Medium/well   63°C

Well done        70°C


to serve pink    55°C

less pink           60°C

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