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Thermomix in the Press


Food writer Joe Ray (@joe_diner) is a Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of The Year, a restaurant critic. Reviews the TM6


Bloomberg's Megan McArdle 2017


Made in her Thermomix, because the alternative means almost certain 3rd degree burns

GREAT BRITISH CHEFS WEBSITE (I think this is my favourite review, from Adriana Salsi in Emiglia Romana aged 76)

From the window of her kitchen you can see the tiny house her late husband was born in, across a garden filled with all manner of delicious edibles, just waiting to be harvested. She collects her drinking water from her own forest well and bakes all her own bread. Not only to feed herself, but for the legions of loved ones and acquaintances that surround her. She told me: 'I have two Thermomixes – I couldn't live without them!' When her husband was alive, she said, gardening was one of his great passions and she would process the results: 'One year that meant over 1500 portions of minestrone – we had to buy three extra freezers!' Her three most important kitchen appliances – a Thermomix, Parmesan grater and espresso machine – tell you a lot about Silvana and her cooking.

I have been making juice and smoothies for 31 years. In that time I have tried and tested many juices and blenders. Some stayed with me for years and some didn’t last beyond the first nut milk test.  I have been asked many times about my opinion of juicing equipment, especially blenders. I discovered the Thermomix 2 years ago after breaking my Vitamix making nut butters, bliss balls and other delicious raw food. I have broken several jugs before as the blades tend to loosen. This time motor burnt out. I had enough. Then I discovered the Master of all blenders – a blender that could cook. The Thermomix replaces 12 appliances plus the blender. It has been 50 years of German research and engineering, so I know it would be built to last. I knew I was in heaven and that this was going to be a lifetime investment. 

I thought I would share with you all the benefits and features that Thermomix has over and above other blenders. This may help guide your purchase or support your role as an advisor if you get asked this question. I seemed to get asked it a lot so here is a long list you can share.

Firstly you can remove the blades on the Thermomix. I find it impossible to clean under the blades on other blenders. If the blades do come out (this is very rare and only with an old Breville blender) then they never tighten up again and seem to break soon after. The gunk that collects under and around the seal is obvious on the Thermomix and it is great that you can give it a good clean in the dishwasher. The 50 years of research and development behind the blades has won Thermomix several patents. The 4 different shapes and 4 heights on the blades make it brilliant for small and big things. By altering the speed you can change the size of ingredients if you are chopping as well.

The Thermomix is so easy to clean, and with the stainless steel as opposed to plastic you don’t get any odour transfer. You can be grinding coffee one minute, nut porridge the next, or steaming so Asian dumplings. It is incredibly versatile and offers the capability of 12 other appliances – that is so many creative, versatile functions that a normal blender doesn’t offer.

I love that the temperature can be controlled at 37 degrees. This is perfect for raw food enthusiasts. Some blenders warm ingredients using friction but you can never quite know how hot it is getting. The temperature settings on the new TM5 go up in 5 degree intervals and this is not only good for raw food but also can be set at 98 degrees for simmering. This is perfect for healing tonics like linseed tea (refer to blog and recipes on the website for more information) Imagine a blender that can also make healthy jam and syrups – I told you I was in heaven.

The Thermomix also has a reverse function so if you wish to mix but not chop and blend this is a brilliant function. This is relevant especially when cooking with delicate textures. For example if you are making a sweet potato curry you can keep some texture chunky and some smooth. The blades are sharp on one side and blunt on the reverse. This is masterful German engineering. The motor is a reluctance motor so it has no cogs, belts or wheels that can burn out of brake. This means it is service free and simply miles ahead of any other blender I have ever used. Many blenders still use technology that is over 20 years old. The power of the Thermomix is fantastic. The texture I can achieve for my bliss balls is fine and even. The nut milk texture is excellent. It keeps in the fridge longer, is creamier and emulsified perfectly so it doesn’t separate.

The Thermomix is very energy efficient. I have run mine for 3 days on solar panels in my motorhome. That was 3 meals plus smoothies for a family of four, for 3 days before needing to recharge. The Thermomix also has built in scales. The lid locking system makes it very child friendly. I have made the mistake of not putting a lid on securely in a blender before and had contents spraying every work surface, even the ceiling.

I was extremely impressed with the ability of the TM31 model but now the TM5 blows my mind. The ability to do guided cooking via recipe chip, digital recipes and digital cookbooks leaves other food processors and kitchen appliances far behind. With a touch screen and single knob control anyone, even my 5 year old can make a perfect green smoothie.
I love the Thermomix so much it is a vital part of the Passion 4 Juice team in both the UK and Australia. We use it for juicing, smoothies, nut butters, salads, waffle batter, sauces and so much more. It is a powerful, reliable, and versatile part of the team

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