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Does the Thermomix have integrated scales?
  • Yes, this is possibly one of its greatest features. The scales mean that you can weigh ingredients directly into the Thermomix bowl. Tare (reset to zero) and add the next ingredient. 

Cookidoo, what is it? Well, think Spotify for recipes
  • Cookidoo is the Thermomix recipe platform with 85,000 recipes

  • Choose a recipe and it automatically downloads to your Thermomix screen.

  • Check out the "Official Cookidoo App" or go to

  • Search recipes using filters for ingredients, language, recipe size, cooking time,  or difficulty level.

  • Make the shopping list and fire it off to your nearest and dearest, or connect directly to online supermarkets.

  • Choose your language

Tell me things about the Thermomix I didn't know..
  • The first Thermomixes were sold 65 years ago 

  • Vorwerk are a German company, they make vacuum cleaners and Thermomixes  (the engineers are genius's)

  • Anyone in your family can cook, whatever their age or experience, it is a gamechanger

  • Thermomixes are used as often by professional chefs as by total non-cooks, they are so versatile there is no-one who they do n't benefit.

  • When you cook your self you know exactly what is in your food.

  • Preparing bread is a 5 minute process and there is no mess whatsoever

  • The Thermomix TM6 has high temperature modes for making Caramel, Honeycomb, browning onions. Incredibly useful for those who are nervous of attempting caramel.

  • Ditto hollandaise and mayonnaise, even a complete novice can be 100% confident in producing hollandaise sauce in 5 minutes whilst barely lifting a finger. In a professional kitchen this is a massive time saver. 

  • Making chicken stock in the Thermomix takes 40 minutes and will be richer and better than any stock you have made, even than in a pressure cooker. See my blog on bone broth for the recipe, I'm afraid it is not on Cookidoo.

  • Use the Thermomix to mince your own meat.

  • I make yoghurt overnight, saving significantly on money and plastic 

  • Because of the precise temperature control it is easy to cook Sous Vide in the Thermomix, another gadget saved.

What is the price?
  • £1279 

  • You can spread the cost over 12, 24, 36 or 48 months for as little as £35 a month. .. You will be saving that much per month by using your Thermomix rather than buying ready meals and take aways.

  • We offer financing through Novuna bank 

  • Cookidoo membership is £40 a year, the first 6 months are free. That is the same price as buying a couple of cookery books.

Have you heard the expression "Buy Cheap - Buy Twice" ?
  • This could have been written for Thermomix. A Thermomix should last you a lifetime, invest in one when you set up home and you won't have cupboards full of  slightly underpowered cheap gadgets. 

Can I buy a Thermomix without a demonstration?
  • ​Yes, it is up to you whether to have a demonstration or not.

  • Everyone is entitled to a personal demonstration but it doesn't have to be before buying.  

Must I have Cookidoo in English?
  • No. Adjust the filters, ... you choose the language or country setting. Anything from Italian to Chinese to Turkish .

I want to adjust a recipe, use more or less of an ingredient, increase the cooking time, can I do this?
  • Yes, use the time, temperature and speed controls to change anything you like.

Can I cook my own recipes?
  • 100% yes. A Thermomix only tells you what to do if you want it to, otherwise it is fully manual.   You will love the speed, power and efficiency of the Thermomix compared with your old food processor. I found using the Thermomix intuitive even though it was dramatically faster and more powerful than my old food processor.​ See my section on using the Thermomix for your own recipes.

People ask me "But will I  be really cooking?"
  • The answer is a resounding yes. You will cook more than you ever have. Plus the Thermomix will give you the confidence to try things that you have always been afraid to tackle. You are cooking but with the greatest tool you've ever owned. Just like a photographer with a great camera has an edge on the guy with the Kodak  -  with a Thermomix you've bought the Ferrari not the Ford Fiesta.

  • I am a professionally trained chef and yet I save time and money by using a Thermomix to work faster and more efficiently.

Isn't a Thermomix meant for Chefs?
  • Sure, Chefs use Thermomixes, but so does my father in law (86) and the 8 year old down the road and my friends husband who only likes curry and my seriously over stretched sister in law working and with a family to come home to. If you want to give your family good food you need to know what is in it, and the only way to do that is to put it there yourself.  Equally you want to own a Thermomix so that all of the family can do their share of the cooking.

What is the best thing you ever made in your Thermomix?

Can I crush ice for cocktails?

Can I make ice cream?
  • Yes. I make ice cream a lot, in fact it is one of my top reasons for loving my Tmo because I hate making the custard base in a bain marie but in the Thermomix I throw in my ingredients and have the custard base cooked in 8 minutes. Paired with a simple ice cream maker you can whip up your favourite gelato in less than an hour.

Does it make great curry?
  • So much better than you can imagine because you can freshly roast and grind whole spices in the Thermomix. Follow the recipe on Cookidoo (try the Chicken Tikka Masala or Murgh Makhani)  and you won't be popping into M&S ever again. 

Will it make my morning porridge
  • Porridge is a breeze. No more standing over a pan - set the Thermomix going and then head for the shower.  See my blog for ideas and timings. Add apples, almonds, double cream, whisky... Personally I like orange and turmeric - imagine the colour!

Can I get rid of my breadmaker?
  • Yes,  free up your kitchen!  You won't need that bread maker again, nor the Vitamix,  Magimix,  RIce Cooker, Steamer, Yoghurt maker, Nutribullet, Kitchen Aid,  Stick Blender, Kenwood, Coffee Grinder.  And cookery books? need, they are all on the app.  

  • Only the toaster survives.  Oh, and an electric hand whisk as it is super useful to be able to whisk egg whites in a separate bowl.

Is the Thermomix easy to clean?​
  • Yes, it cleans itself.  Fill with water and a drop of washing up liquid (or better still 7g  dishwashing powder), and press 'self clean'.  For a full wash EVERYTHING goes in the dishwasher. Even the blades are removable so no sneaky bits get to hide underneath them.

What extra parts will I want or need?
  • The Thermomix comes with ALL its parts except one (see the next point).  The steamer attachment, the whisk, spatula, internal basket and free Cookidoo access for 6 months, even a 14 day return policy.  I like the fact that it doesn't take up masses of kitchen space with endless attachments.

  • There is just one extra, a blade cover/peeler used for slow cooking. And coming soon a four way grater, slicer.

Do I need a second bowl?
  • Having a second bowl is super useful if you use your Thermomix a lot. They cost £169.

How do I change the finish sounds?
  • Go to 'Settings' on your Thermomix screen - top left. Scroll down to Sounds and you change the tune, shorten the length and reduce the volume.

 Why would I need yet another gadget in my kitchen?

  • You don't, this is the only one you need.  Sell the rest.

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