What is a Thermomix

The smartest food processor in the world.

And it is my job to introduce the Thermomix to you.

At Bark Place Kitchen I have 30 plus years of kitchen experience.

I love discussing how a Thermomix can fit into people's lives, so if you want a chat please get in touch, I am more than happy to spend time considering your cooking needs and whether this would work for you.

The Thermomix is the world's most powerful and innovative cooking machine. It is the key to healthy eating, to knowing what is in your food, and making cooking a pleasure.

Never mind about stand mixers and Vitamixes and Magimixes, a Thermomix does all of that but so much more. That is why I say the iphone of the kitchen.


Sure, you can live without one, but why would you?

It blends at 10,700 RPM, it can chop & sautè, weigh, make bread, steam, has modes for yoghurt, sous vide and sauces. The Thermomix holds a precise temperature at anything from 37°C upwards. 

Grind your own ingredients.

Be in Control.

Use the Cookidoo recipe platform to download recipes directly onto the touch screen, (all you have to do is follow the prompts) or use the Thermomix manually for precision control.


You will use it because it makes cooking fun and fast. And you no longer have to be the only person in the house doing the cooking. Anyone can cook real, nutritious food and enjoy it.


Restaurants and professional kitchens use Thermomixes because they do the work of several chefs.  

Thermomix is highly engineered by Vorwerk in Germany. They have been producing Thermomixes for over 70 years, focusing on extraordinary innovation, reliability and creativity.