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What is it?

 What is a Thermomix?

In short: the smartest food processor in the world.

A single machine that at a stroke will replace many of the gadgets in your kitchen, take the drudge out of routine cooking chores, and make it easier to prepare a healthy, home-cooked meal than to reach for a ready meal or call Deliveroo.


What will a Thermomix do:

  • Step by step instruction.  On the screen your Thermomix takes you through each recipe one step at a time.  Great cooks can use the recipes and even write their own, but non-cooks discover the joys of cooking for themselves and improving cooks quickly grow in confidence.  And then watch the kids as they take control! 

  • Blend, chop or grind with 4 rotating blades spinning at up to 10,700 RPM.  Smoothies, chopping onions, grating parmesan, grinding spices or coffee.  All at the touch of a button.

  • Sauté, steam, knead, stir or slow-cook.  Fry-off onions, roast spices, steam rice and vegetables, knead dough for bread or pastry, stir and thicken sauces, gently simmer a curry or casserole for hours. 

  • Home made yoghurt. It'll even make a batch of fresh yogurt overnight.

  • Weigh directly into the bowl.  Super-sensitive integrated scales tell you how much you are adding and when to stop!  No more weighing out separately, the measuring jug is history.

  • Hold a perfect temperature for as long as you need.  Anything from 37C upwards.  Say goodbye to the bain-marie, never again will the milk pan boil over or the hollandaise curdle. Incredible Hot Chocolate and Lattes are ready in minutes.

  • Link to recipes around the world.  More than 65,000 from Italy, France, Poland, the US, Australia, all connected through the Cookidoo app (click to discover the magic of Cookidoo) and brought by wifi to the Thermomix screen.  


How it works
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