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Charred Sweetcorn Salsa

2 really fresh crunchy Sweetcorns

1 medium cucumber

1 red pepper

2 tomatoes

small bunch of fresh coriander

juice and zest of 1 lime


1/2 a red onion

1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

  1. Brush the sweetcorn with oil and grill them so that they get a good colour and flavour, not incinerated though.

  2. Peel the cucumber in stripes, cut in half lengthtways and scoop out the seeds, cut into 4cm sections and place in the Thermomix.

  3. Add the onion peeled and in quarters, the red pepper deseeded & in pieces, the coriander, vinegar, a good shake of Tabasco, & the lime zest. Chop 3 seconds speed 5.

  4. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and scoop out the seeds, roughly chop into large dice.

  5. Tip everything into a mixing bowl , add the sweetcorn kernels cut off from the cob, the lime juice and sprinkle of malden salt.

  6. Mix and taste for seasoning, add more Tabasco if you like your salsa spicy.

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