What is it? 


Well, it’s your best friend in the kitchen, it is the best Food Processor on the market and it does more than any other machine. If you want to eat home made, fresh food but don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen, here is your answer.

It is an investment in your health, and the icing on the cake is that it you can save hugely on your shopping bills.

It’s like having a friend to do your chopping, stirring, weighing, mixing, blending, grinding, steaming, whisking, timing, kneading and emulsifying all with precisely controlled temperatures while you get on with life.

Cooking becomes tidier, faster, healthier, more efficient, easy and FUN.

The Thermomix has a generous 2.2 litre bowl, a timer so you can walk away, and even integrated scales (many say this is the clincher).

You’ll be amazed at the products you no longer have to buy: Mayonnaise, Yoghurt, Fresh Pesto, Hummus, Sorbet so creamy it tastes like ice cream.

Delicious soups, with only the freshest ingredients.

Fresh chopped salads in 4 seconds.

Bread ready to rise in 4 minutes, not just square loaves but Pitta, Focaccia, Brioche & Flat Breads.

You control the sugar (with fresh food you need much less), salt and fat. No preservatives, no ‘E’ numbers or other nasties.

You can grind your own flour from Rice, Chick Peas, Spelt you name it.

Nut butters and milks are simple.

Let it make porridge while you get ready for work.

Bathe your children and come down to Risotto, do the gardening and come inside for fresh soup and homemade bread.

Make  fresh Lemonade or icy cocktails.

Create Yoghurt overnight.

Whether you want the best food processor on the market or you want it to cook entire meals it covers all the bases.

The Thermomix has precise temperature controls from 37° to 120°. It can time your cooking and tells you when it is done.  You can choose between gentle stirring at 40 revs per minute up to 10,000 RPM for the smoothest, most powerful liquidising and grinding. There is even a reverse blade function using the blunt sides of the blades for foods you don’t want broken up.

It’s the machine of choice for chefs.  Check out Saturday Kitchen or Masterchef. 

The newest model, the TM5, now has a touchscreen and recipes on a chip to make cooking even easier, it can link to your computer for downloading recipes. Even write your shopping lists for you.

My husband who has been a non cook for 25 years of our marriage can now knock up supper (and it is not all over the walls and ceiling).  Follow the instructions on the screen and he can’t go wrong.

The Thermomix is so well engineered it should last a lifetime.  Long-term owners tell me they still use theirs daily after 20 years or more.

If you know an Italian ask them about a ‘BIMBY’ as they call them.  They know their food and they swear by Thermomix. It’s been the top selling wedding present in Italy, Spain, France and Germany for more than 20 years. Australian’s, too, have gone mad for it and it launched in the States this summer.

Thermomix on Youtube