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Steak Sous Vide in a Thermomix


I went to Provenance butchers today and bought a huge 2 inch RIb Eye steak which they seasoned and vacuum packed for me with a little olive oil.

At home I popped … Read More

Caffè allo Zabaione

A dish that would take you 25 minutes of sweating and whisking over a bain marie at the stove with your guests wondering when they will ever eat can be dashed out in minutes by your Thermomix. Without you having to … Read More


Houmos, Hummus, I really don’t know how to spell it. But I know I like it.

Here is a trick that after 25 years as a cook I have only just learnt.

To … Read More

First Bite, how we form our eating habits

On my way home in the car yesterday I flicked on my podcasts to The Food Programme, up there in my favourite radio programmes and always hugely informative (check through the back episodes for some subjects you never know you needed … Read More

Sweet Potato, Lime and Peanut Soup

My new 2016 resolution was to get a website up and running for all you owners of Thermomix out there who are looking for inspiration. It will be recipes, food topics, articles or ideas. Things I think you must try … Read More