about me

As a teenager I was the despair of my mother who quite rightly feared I was unemployable. 

Luckily for me she had the bright idea of sending me to cookery school so that at least I would have one skill and even if I was still unemployable I wouldn’t starve. 

In fact it was the perfect place for me, I was too exhausted to cause any more trouble and I fell in love with food.

After years of working in restaurants and catering and I went back to Leiths Cookery School as a teacher. My mother couldn’t believe I reached the dizzy heights of Senior Teacher.

I followed this with two glorious years in Japan, food heaven. Again I got lucky with a job in the renowned Kihachi restaurant. I don’t know if it still exists but at the time it was cutting edge Japanese fusion cuisine, with open plan kitchens and enormous fish tanks from which we hooked out the fish and popped them on the slab.

I still don’t know why the head chef let an English girl into his kitchen.

My long suffering husband and family have eaten a lot of Tofu since then (or Toe Food as one small boy complained to his mother) . 

We moved on to Moscow and the States where I had varying love affairs with their food offerings. 

Back in London a happy segue took me into food styling, with entirely different challenges from teaching and restaurants.  

I have an idea we should live in Italy one of these days, the holy grail of food and culture, 10 years of learning Italian and I am ready..  Classes could be done in Italian if you are prepared to go along with my grammar.

Six years ago I came across the Thermomix. Love at first sight. It has made cooking fun again, I cook more than ever and its the only machine I know that washes itself up.

Anyone who says “oh but I like doing the chopping myself” come and see this in action and get a life.