London Thermomix Sales and Demonstrations


Thermomix is the worlds greatest cooking machine, super powerful, intuitive, the key to healthy eating.




Not just a food processor, your Thermomix will CHOP,  MIX,  WEIGH,  GRIND,  CRUSH,  WHISK,  PULSE,  GRATE,  KNEAD,  SAUTE,  STEAM,  COOK  AND  BLEND      even cook SOUS VIDE. 



Europeans have known the secrets of Thermomix for decades. It has long been the best selling wedding present in Italy, Spain, France and Germany.


SALES  You won’t find Thermomix in shops. It is sold by qualified advisors who will be on hand to help you to get the most out of your Thermomix. if you already know you wish to buy one simply contact me and I can organise delivery anywhere in the UK.


If you are interested in seeing  a Thermomix in my kitchen in Bark Place come to a demonstration and try it out for yourself. Alternatively gather some friends together and book me to come to your house and see it in the comfort of your own kitchen. The demonstration is free and you are under no obligation to do anything more than enjoy yourself. The demonstration takes roughly one and a half hours.


Review from “How to Spend it” in the Financial Times


I would hugely recommend the Thermomix to any of these groups
CHEFS  –        a Thermomix can do the work of 3 sous chefs and you don’t have to pay them, Heston Blumenthal has 12 in his Kitchen, and THERMOMIX are found in most major restaurants.
CHAPS –        let Thermomix get you confident in the kitchen, no need to ask for help. Cook with your children, Cook for your other half, make people happy.
PARENTS –     take control of your families food , know what is in the food on their plates, and save money into the bargain. Never forget your food and burn it again, Your Thermomix will stir, time and remind you when it has done your task and you can get on with the rest.
TEENAGERS –  it makes cooking fun and your friends will be so impressed at what you can conjure up. Get huge brownie points with your parents.
LADIES  –        do you need a break from your routine, let the Thermomix make life easier and expand your cooking horizon’s. Cooking will be fun again.
ANYONE WHO BUYS READY MEALS   – give them up, save money, and cook real food easily.
LOVERS OF A GOOD CURRY  –  You will not believe how easliy you can roast and grind spices, make pastes, steam rice and cook your own curry.  You will never want to buy one again.


Later this year VORWERK will launch the COOK-KEY an incredible addition which will Wi Fi enable your Thermomix and  allow you to download recipes straight to your machine. 
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